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Easy sunday

A lot of activities in Capsloc, so we moved to the mirror room? Yes, that name raised some eyebrows. For us it’s the home of the dragon. 😉

Marijke returned and she has added more pages to her life story.

K3nsi also returned and went traditional this time. It actually was Nadia who made her version of a K3nsi head. She didn’t stop there and also drew a cosmic girl.

Em showed us some of his latest character designs.

Feroz added some electronics and wires to an illustration he has been drawing bit by bit.

Denver was on the phone… Just kidding, more awesome figure drawing from this dude. The same was true for Vik and Nordin.

Christa was drawing a cat this time instead of a Ninja Turtle. Although we did spot some cool 80’s style Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in her sketchbook.

Saskia drew several fantasy figures. Inspired by cute fuzzy bunnies!

I promised to show some of Luciana’s work last time. Check out her figure drawing.

Seen enough? Of course not!

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