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Gate crashing

We say welcome to Raymond and Joris who joined us for another fun busy session.

We went for a big table this time and it was hard to keep up. Christa added Leonardo to the TMNT 2012 line up, while Brian drew skulls. Em drew a character from the new Puss in Boots movie, check out the post on that account.

Saskia displayed her skills in digital and tradional art, while Lieneke went for a heavy detailed piece. I didn’t catch it, but saw an earlier drawing of Nordin with some cool perspective. Another thing not on video is Madelief going wild with spirographs.

A little spotlight on Mel, who continues to grow with each drawing. Coming back to skills on display, Vik and Denver shared some of their knowledge. These two should give… workshops? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

So I now come to the conclusion of not seeing what Luciana was making. So we have to make up for that next time.

Be sure to check out the video to see things like Vik working further on one of the sketches he made during the model sketch event of @theartistguildevents.

As for the title? I guess you had to be there. So join us! The next time! At Capsloc!

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